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If You're A Parent, You Should Have A Will

Being a parent can be the most rewarding job in the world. It will also leave you nervous about the "unexpected". What happens to your children if something happens to you? No one really wants to think about it but as most of us know, life is unpredictable and circumstances can change in the matter of seconds.

In our practice, we see young parents putting their estate planning on the back burner. We hear people say, "Estate planning is for people that have tons of money" or "I'm too young to worry about that." Our personal favorite is "I'll get to it when I have the time."

The truth is...there is never a perfect time to do it other than NOW. As a parent, your worse fear is not being able to provide for your children even in your absence. The most important decision you may make as a parent is deciding who will care for your children if something were to happen to you. A will allows you to designate a guardian for your child until they become a legal adult. You can also designate someone to manage your money for your children until they reach adulthood.

The guardianship/conservatorship process can be a long and expensive process for someone if you do not have a properly executed will. More importantly, the appointed guardian/conservator may be the LAST person you wanted to take care of your children and your money for their benefit. Don't wait until tomorrow! Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.


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