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Ruth Lavache

3L Law Student at UMASS Law - Summer 2020 Intern


I had the pleasure of working at Alves|Santos, P.C. as an intern the summer after my second year of law school. Compared to my previous internship experiences, working at Alves|Santos, P.C. allowed me to take a more hands-on approach with each case that I was assigned. Each assignment allowed me to further develop my legal skills and to think critically about the issues that arose. My tasks varied from conducting research to drafting demand letters, complaints, and discovery requests. I was able to sit in on client meetings, depositions, and mediation. I also conducted client and witness interviews. This firm gave me the space to grow, learn from my mistakes, and explore different practice areas and the entire team was there to support me along the way. My experience with Alves|Santos, P.C. has taught me so much and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn under the supervision of the attorneys at this firm.

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